Services Offered

ATS does perform all activities necessary required for the successful completion of Project, ranging form Detail engineering to Project management. This approach allows total flexibility because of ATS services, which are provided in single-discipline or multi-disciplinary or alternatively total responsibility can be under taken for project implementation.

  1. Project Management 

  2. Detail Engineering

  3. Drawing Conversion to AutoCAD ( Manual drawing To CAD )

  4. Construction Supervision and Management

  5. Manpower Deputation on Man-Hour / Man-Month / Assignment basis.

Brief Scope of Services Offered is described below :

  1. Project Management 

    ATS has the ability to manage and execute Small to Medium size of Projects through, effective Project Management and Project Engineering Personnel.  

    We assist Client for Project Supervision in all discipline, Coordination with Contractor, Preparation of Project Schedule, Monitoring & Control for listing Critical path, Precedence, Successors, Reporting Consolidated  / Overall Progress.  

    As a part of the project control we develop Project budgets based on the estimated quantity and cost. They are fine tune after completion achievement of 80 % Engineering Progress.  

    Assist Client in Vendors selection for Supply of raw material, Bought out items & Construction contractors.  

    We have Effective Reporting system, which highlights Problem Area which could affect the timely completion of the project. The Reporting Structure or the Reports generated by us provide complete information about Progress of work and also indicate tentative completion of the project.  

    The Progress report normally consist of following:


    * Engineering Progress

    * Procurement Progress {Critical and Sub-Critical Items Separate}

    * Construction Progress

    * Activities complete in current month

    * Areas of Concern

    * Activities Planned to be completed in next 60 days

    * Updated Project Schedule {Every Quarterly}


    In addition to the above we forecast Manpower Requirement both direct and indirect including Supervisor based on the Quantities & Estimate project schedule. This effectively helps in reducing the risk of delaying of the project for the want of resources like manpower.

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  2. Detail Engineering
    Preparation of the following documents :


    1. P & I Diagram
    2. Equipment / Piping Specification
    3. Fabrication drawings for Shop and Site fabricated vessels and tanks
    4. Equipment General Arrangement Drawings
    5. Piping General Arrangement Drawings
    6. Isometric along with Bulk / Intermediate and Final M.T.O.
    7. Piping Support General Arrangement Drawings
    8. Stress Analysis
    9. As-Built drawings


    1.Load Summary
    2.Single Line Diagram
    3.Specification for various Electrical Items
    4.Cable / Trench General Arrangement Layouts
    5.Earthing / Lighting Protection Layouts
    6.Area Classification and Lighting Layouts
    7.M.T.O. for all Electrical Items / Components


    1.Specification for various Instruments Items
    2.Block Interlock Diagram
    3.Instruments Hook-Up Diagram
    4.Cable / trench General Arrangement Layouts and Cable Schedule
    5.Panel Layout, Instrument Location Plan and Instrument List
    6.M.T.O. for all Electrical Items / Components.

    D) CIVIL

    Services for this area is offered by our associate Companies.

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  3. Drawing Conversion to AutoCAD ( Manual drawing To CAD )
    We also provide services for Conversion to AutoCAD drawings to the most current release of AutoCAD, or to your release preference. We can redraw your hand drawings on set of layers, line types and colors as specified.

    1. Drawings Files copied to disks.
    2. Plotted Output, if required.
    3. Change your drawings from British system to Metric system.
    4. Create drawings from mark-ups, sketches.
    5. Create new drawing as per specifications and standards.
    6. Deputation of staff or professional AutoCAD drafters and designers for carrying out above work at Client site.
    7. Mapping Services to convert manual drawings into electronic form.

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  4. Construction Supervision and Management
    ATS support Client for Construction Supervision at site for construction activities and work carried out by approved contractor. The project are either Small or of Medium size but covers all types of plants right from bulk drugs, chemical to medium size processing plant.

    We also assist Client in selection of Contractor based on the Work executed, Current commitment, Resource available, Quality Plans adopted, Working methodology, etc. We also adopt Effective Supervision methodology to ensure that the contractor meets to the committed quality.

    To achieve effective control over construction activity, the approach adopted by us are as follows :

    1. Study of engineering drawings / documents to obtain conceptual clarity, assessment of work volumes, comparison with MTO / Tender quantities.
    2. Approving of Quality Assurance / Quality Control Plans.
    3. Co-ordination of issue as input to contractor for release of fronts.
    4. Check contractors mobilization / arrangements and systems.
    5. Inspection of contractors supply of material.
    6. Inspection of contractors work output.
    7. Inspection of Safety practices adopted by contractors.
    8. Certification of contractor bills and release for payment to client.

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  5. Manpower Deputation on Manhour / Man-month / Assignment basis.
    As a part of our expansion program and client support, ATS can depute technical manpower with Degree / Diploma engineers / Designers / Checker / CAD operators for both office as well as field work. At ATS we have list of candidates, category
    wise, who can meet to your demand. ATS deputation of technical skill personnel’s at work site are strengthening our Client growing needs / demand.

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